What We Do?

When it comes to meeting challenges, our response is simple: We serve.

In over 200 countries, in hospitals and senior centers, in regions battered by natural disaster, in schools and eyeglass recycling centers, Lions are doing community volunteer work, helping, leading, planning and supporting. Because our Club is local, we can serve the unique needs of the communities we live in, and because Lions are global, we can address challenges that go beyond borders.

We want everyone to see a better tomorrow. That's why we support sight programs and services including vision screenings, eye banks and eyeglass recycling. Provide eye care services to those at risk of losing their sight.

Our volunteer projects unite Lions around the world. And our work is unconditional. We aren't limited by continents or restricted to certain causes. Lions help wherever, whenever and however we can.

Now that you know how Lions serve, Become a Lion!

Why I'm A Lion?

Lion Dave

"I've been a Lions club member for 15 years and the best part is being involved in the community.”

Lion Rob

“The service the club provides makes me proud to be a Lion.”